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Application/Important OOC Info

ApplicationCollapse )

Memory Recovered: 2%Collapse )

InventoryCollapse )

Money: $3817 (Up to date as of 1/13/09)

Job: Onsen Prep Cook (Salary: $75/day x 7 days/week = $525/week [every Saturday])

Housing Assignment: Ari Apartments room #409 (w/ Arietta)

Memento Eden 4th Kata

This is terrible! Black☆Star and Kid are stuck together! Ohhhh, how could this happen? It's so horrible! Ooooooohhhhhh....

[[Tsubaki is currently fretting her poor head off heading down through the Ari Apartments in quite the hurry.]]

Memento Eden 3rd Kata

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Black☆Star, thank you for the autograph.

And you, too, Axel.

Thank you for the apples, Cooro, and the acorns, Grif.

Renge, thank you for the hair ties and clips. They're very nice.

Kid, I appreciate the coat and scarf. But, ah, why did you give me mace?

Mist, thank you for the cookies. They're quite good. I'm afraid I didn't think to get you anything. I'm very sorry.

Also, I noticed that the room listings say I have a roommate now. I look forward to meeting you, Alphonse!

[ Private; hackable ]

A Weapon? I don't understand. Why were we collecting souls? Maybe it'll make sense when I remember more. It's best not to worry anyone with it now.

((2% memories on what basically boils down to "Weapons collect souls" and on being a Weapon (but not on any of her weapon forms).))

Memento Eden 2nd Kata

Black Star, I put in a request for a room transfer, but it was rejected. I'm sorry.

I got a job as a prep cook at the Onsen, though. I hope my performance is satisfactory.

Memento Eden 1st Kata


This place. It isn't familiar. There must be a reason I'm here, but I can't remember wh—


Ah, excuse me? Excuse me, hello, I'm very sorry to bother you, but....

My name is Tsubaki, and I can't seem to remember anything else.

Could you help me?

((OOC: Bitty italics are thoughts.))